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Did you take a Payday Loan from THE CASH STORE or INSTALOANS in Ontario after September 1, 2011?

You have the right to get cash back!

The deadline to file a claim to take back your cash was October 31, 2016. Claims are now being reviewed and processed. There are a number of steps to complete before we can pay claims, including reviewing all of the claims submitted. We are hoping to be able to mail out cheques by mid- 2017. Accurate claims processing takes time and your patience is appreciated.

Class action lawsuits were filed on behalf of borrowers who took loans from The Cash Store or Instaloans in Ontario after September 1, 2011. The lawsuits said that The Cash Store and Instaloans payday loans had an unlawful structure in Ontario and that Borrowers were charged too much money for interest and fees, including too much money on credit cards, debit cards, insurance policies, bank accounts, and other items.

You paid too much!

The Court was asked to order the return of improper fees and excessive interest to borrowers. The Cash Store, Instaloans, and other Defendants together have agreed to pay over $10 million to resolve the litigation against them.

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The deadline to submit a claim has now passed.